Posted by: eastlondonmuseum | February 15, 2012

Umtiza listeriana

The Umtiza tree Umtiza listeriana is in prolific bloom this year.


The sweet scent of the tree is all pervasive, the blooms and the scent appear to herald happy times for a number of insects including bees, the bee mimic (a fly) Eristalinus taeniops and other flying insects.

Umtiza flower

Umtiza bloom with Honey Bee and Fly


Eristalinus taeniops

Eristalinus taeniops

Undoubtedly beneficial to the East London  Museum Bee Colony. The bees have been resident since 1959. The hive can be viewed in our Period Gallery and the bees exit through a hole in the wall into the garden.

Bee Hive

Bee Hive

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